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Root out high liability areas. Access full-service HR Department coverage to one-time projects with, on-demand access to an HR professional.

  • Benefits, Retirement, 401k, Payroll Administration
  • Full cycle recruitment for exempt and non-exempt positions
  • Real time assistance from an HR Pro
  • Employee complaints, investigations, FLSA, Training plan development and Organizational design
  • Regulatory audits and compliance, EEOC reports and filing
  • Performance management
  • Labor equality audits
  • Employee relations, Union labor relations
  • Employee discipline, ADA, breaks, FMLA, Workers’ compensation, Terminations & More
  • State mandated HR training — Bystander and Sexual harassment
  • Client-based menu, Select services and coverage

  • Receive Real Time Assistance on All HR Matters from an HR Pro

  • Employee Complaints, Investigations, FLSA, Organizational Design, Regulatory Compliance, EEOC Charges, Performance Management, Labor Audit, Employee Relations, Union Labor Relations, Employee Discipline, Fair Labor Standards, ADA, Breaks, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Terminations & More
  • Choose Coverage Tier
  • Emergency and Urgent Consulting Services Available
  • Monthly Call Reports
  • *Clients participating in “HR PRO for Employees or Managers” will complete assessment of employee practices, policies and procedures.

HR Pro Hotline for Employees

Root out high liability areas. Integrity hotline; customizable to fit company image, core values or mission statement.

  • Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, Discrimination, Loss Prevention, Product or Time Theft, Security Violations, Waste, Abuse, Illegal Practices, ACA Violations, Poor Management, Fraudulent Practices, Accounting Irregularities
  • Choose Coverage Tier
  • Emergency and Urgent Consulting Service Available
  • Calls are Serviced from inception to completion; Formal Investigation initiated as Needed Within 24 hours or Following Business Day
  • All Serious Calls Prioritized and Forwarded to Client
  • 100% of Callers Contacted Within 24 hours or Following Business Day
  • Customized Hot Line Marketing Collateral; Business Cards, Posters, Brochures
  • Monthly Call Reports

HR PRO Professional Quality Customizable Templates

Professional grade handbooks, employee policies & procedures, SOP’s, job descriptions, job postings and employment templates in Spanish and English.

  • Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Equal Opportunity Employment Policies
  • Family Medical Leave Act and Policies
  • Americans With Disabilities Act and Policies
  • Employment at Will and Policies
  • Workplace Violence Policies
  • Good Faith Reporting Policies
  • Progressive Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures Policies
  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policies. • Non-Fraternization Policies
  • Proprietary Information Policies
  • Confidentiality Policies
  • IT, Computer and Social Media Policies
  • Public Relations Policies
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Core Values and Mission Statements
  • Orientation Procedures and Standards
  • Position Elimination and Layoff Procedures
  • Pay and Compensation Policies
  • Recording of Time Worked Policies
  • Attendance and Leave Policies
  • Workers Comp and Public Liability Policies
  • Bereavement Policies
  • Biometric and Consent Policies
  • Safety and Health Policies & More


  • Disciplinary Action Forms
  • New Hire Checklists
  • Termination Letters, Forms and Checklists
  • Leave of Absence Forms: FMLA and Personal Leave of Absence
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment Applications
  • Application Flow Logs
  • Employment Interview Guides for Hourly Positions
  • 30 Day and Annual Performance Reviews for Hourly Positions
  • Job Candidate Rejection Letters
  • FMLA Letters
  • Attendance Tracking Calendars
  • Employment Interview Guides for Salaried Managers
  • 30 Day and Annual Performance Reviews for Salaried Managers
  • Disclosure and Authorization Forms
  • COBRA and FMLA Tracking Logs
  • Acknowledgement Forms and Waivers
  • Exit Interview Forms
  • Report of Injury Forms
  • Restrictive Covenant Forms
  • Employee Referral Forms
  • Compliance Sign Off Forms
  • New Hire Package includes Handbook, Orientation Guide, Power Point Presentation with Embedded Videos, Checklists, Sign off forms & More

Job Descriptions

  • Executive
  • Multi-Unit
  • Manager
  • Administration
  • Employee

HR PRO Recruiting and Staffing

Best in class hourly employee and salaried manager recruitment, sourcing and administration.

  • Management, Administration and Hourly Employee Recruitment: Job Fairs, Job Boards, Social Media, Cold Calls & More
  • Coordinating and Scheduling of Interviews with Hiring Manager
  • Employment Offer Letters
  • Background Checks, Credit Checks, Drug Tests, Professional Reference Checks
  • Employment Contracts
  • Job Eliminations, Severance Agreements and Layoffs
  • Job Candidate Rejection Letters
  • Active Applicant Database
  • Employment Procedure Tool Kit; Policy, Procedures, Standards, Application Flow Log, Employment Application, Interview Guides and Retention File
  • I-9 & Personnel Record Audits
  • Hiring Equality Audits
  • Standardized Wage Audits
  • Market-Specific Wage and Salary Surveys by position

HR PRO Best Practices, Products, Solutions and Administration

Master level HR Professional administration: schedule, coordinate, communicate, plan, execute, track and report.

  • FMLA, VESSA, Leave of Absence Reporting, Verification, Approval, Tracking and Administration
  • Annual Performance Review Administration and Reporting
  • Unemployment Claims Administration
  • Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey Administration and Reporting
  • Succession Planning
  • Mandatory Certification Administration and Tracking
  • Personnel File Audits and Reporting
  • ADA Property Audits and Administration
  • Wage Equality Audit and Administration
  • Process and Administer Annual Employee Census for Benefits Administration. • COBRA Administration and Reporting
  • HIPAA Administration
  • ACA Administration and Reporting
  • Open Enrollment Administration and Support
  • E-verify administration for mandatory states; Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah
  • Independent Investigation Administration for Claims of Harassment, Discrimination and Gross Misconduct
  • Loss Prevention/ Workers Comp/ Public Liability Administration
  • OSHA Compliance Administration and Reporting
  • Workers Comp Administration
  • Union Labor Relations Administration
  • Newsletter Administration
  • Employee Award and Recognition Administration
  • Mandatory Break Compliance Administration and Reporting
  • Company Volunteerism Administration
  • EEOC-1 Reporting
  • I-9 Administration, Auditing and Tracking
  • Administer Employee Relocations; Temporary Housing, Moving and Expense Tracking
  • Administer Office Relocations; Temporary Housing, Food, Transportation and Expense Tracking. • Administration of Secure Choice Illinois

HR PRO Master Platform Standup Training Modules

Onsite Master level HR Professional training modules for employees or managers: schedule, coordinate, communicate, plan, execute, track and report.

  • Sexual Harassment & Diversity Training
  • Manager Serv Safe Training and Certification, City of Chicago Sanitation Certifications, Liquor Liability Basset Certifications
  • Performance Review Writing for Managers
  • Behavioral Interviewing Training
  • Communication Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Union Avoidance Training
  • Annual Safety Training
  • Soft Skill, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution Training
  • Wage and Hour, Employment Legal Liability Compliance Training
  • FMLA, ADA, EEOC Compliance and Standards Training
  • Employee Relations: Standards for Professional Work Relationships
  • Performance Management Training; Steps of Progressive Discipline & Procedures
  • OSHA Training
  • Workplace Violence Training