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ASK HR Pro Hotline for Employees

Root out high liability areas. Integrity hotline; customizable to fit company image, core values or mission statement.

  • Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, Discrimination, Loss Prevention, Product or Time Theft, Security Violations, Waste, Abuse, Illegal Practices, ACA Violations, Poor Management, Fraudulent Practices, Accounting Irregularities.
  • Choose Coverage Tier.
  • Emergency and Urgent Consulting Service Available.
  • Calls are Serviced from inception to completion; Formal Investigation initiated as Needed Within 24 hours or Following Business Day.
  • All Serious Calls Prioritized and Forwarded to Client.
  • 100% of Callers Contacted Within 24 hours or Following Business Day.
  • Customized Hot Line Marketing Collateral; Business Cards, Posters, Brochures.
  • Monthly Call Reports.

ASK HR PRO for Managers

Root out high liability areas. Retainer based consulting, on demand access to an HR professional.

  • Receive Real Time Assistance on All HR Matters from an HR Pro.
  • Employee Complaints, Investigations, FLSA, Organizational Design, Regulatory Compliance, EEOC Charges, Performance Management, Labor Audit, Employee Relations, Union Labor Relations, Employee Discipline, Fair Labor Standards, ADA, Breaks, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Terminations and Much More.
  • Choose Coverage Tier.
  • Emergency and Urgent Consulting Service Available.
  • Monthly Call Reports.

*Clients participating in “Ask HR PRO for Employees or Managers” will complete. assessment of employee practices, policies and procedures.

ASK HR PRO Professional Quality Customizable Templates

Professional grade handbooks, employee policies & procedures, SOP’s, job descriptions, job postings and employment templates in Spanish and English.

  • Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies.
  • Equal Opportunity Employment Policies.
  • Family Medical Leave Act and Policies.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act and Policies.
  • Employment at Will and Policies.
  • Workplace Violence Policies.
  • Good Faith Reporting Policies.
  • Progressive Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures Policies.
  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policies. • Non-Fraternization Policies.
  • Proprietary Information Policies.
  • Confidentiality Policies.
  • IT, Computer and Social Media Policies.
  • Public Relations Policies.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies.
  • Core Values and Mission Statements.
  • Orientation Procedures and Standards.
  • Position Elimination and Layoff Procedures.
  • Pay and Compensation Policies.
  • Recording of Time Worked Policies.
  • Attendance and Leave Policies.
  • Workers Comp and Public Liability Policies.
  • Bereavement Policies.
  • Safety and Health Policies and Much, Much More.
  • Biometric and Consent Policies.
  • And, More.


  • Disciplinary Action Forms.
  • New Hire Checklists.
  • Termination Letters, Forms and Checklists.
  • Leave of Absence Forms: FMLA and Personal Leave of Absence.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Employee Handbook.
  • Employment Applications.
  • Application Flow Logs.
  • Employment Interview Guides for Hourly Positions.
  • 30 Day and Annual Performance Reviews for Hourly Positions.
  • Job Candidate Rejection Letters.
  • FMLA Letters.
  • Attendance Tracking Calendars.
  • Employment Interview Guides for Salaried Managers.
  • 30 Day and Annual Performance Reviews for Salaried Managers.
  • Disclosure and Authorization Forms.
  • COBRA and FMLA Tracking Logs.
  • Acknowledgement Forms and Waivers.
  • Exit Interview Forms.
  • Report of Injury Forms.
  • Restrictive Covenant Forms.
  • Employee Referral Forms.
  • Compliance Sign Off Forms.
  • New Hire Package includes Handbook, Orientation Guide, Power Point Presentation with Embedded Videos, Checklists, Sign off forms and Much, Much, More.

Job Descriptions

  • Executive.
  • Multi-Unit.
  • Manager.
  • Administration.
  • Employee.

ASK HR PRO Recruiting and Staffing.

Best in class hourly employee and salaried manager recruitment, sourcing and administration.

  • Management, Administration and Hourly Employee Recruitment: Job Fairs, Job Boards, Social Media, Cold Calls and More.
  • Coordinating and Scheduling of Interviews with Hiring Manager.
  • Employment Offer Letters.
  • Background Checks, Credit Checks, Drug Tests, Professional Reference Checks.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Job Eliminations, Severance Agreements and Layoffs.
  • Job Candidate Rejection Letters.
  • Active Applicant Database.
  • Employment Procedure Tool Kit; Policy, Procedures, Standards, Application Flow Log, Employment Application, Interview Guides and Retention File.
  • I-9 & Personnel Record Audits.
  • Hiring Equality Audits.
  • Standardized Wage Audits.
  • Market Specific Wage and Salary Surveys by position.

ASK HR PRO Best Practices, Products, Solutions and Administration.

Master level HR Professional administration: schedule, coordinate, communicate, plan, execute, track and report.

  • FMLA, VESSA, Leave of Absence Reporting, Verification, Approval, Tracking and Administration.
  • Annual Performance Review Administration and Reporting.
  • Unemployment Claims Administration.
  • Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey Administration and Reporting.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Mandatory Certification Administration and Tracking.
  • Personnel File Audits and Reporting.
  • ADA Property Audits and Administration.
  • Wage Equality Audit and Administration.
  • Process and Administer Annual Employee Census for Benefits Administration. • COBRA Administration and Reporting.
  • HIPAA Administration.
  • ACA Administration and Reporting.
  • Open Enrollment Administration and Support.
  • E-verify administration for mandatory states; Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah.
  • Independent Investigation Administration for Claims of Harassment, Discrimination and Gross Misconduct.
  • Loss Prevention/ Workers Comp/ Public Liability Administration.
  • OSHA Compliance Administration and Reporting.
  • Workers Comp Administration.
  • Union Labor Relations Administration.
  • Newsletter Administration.
  • Employee Award and Recognition Administration.
  • Mandatory Break Compliance Administration and Reporting.
  • Company Volunteerism Administration.
  • EEOC-1 Reporting.
  • I-9 Administration, Auditing and Tracking.
  • Administer Employee Relocations; Temporary Housing, Moving and Expense Tracking.
  • Administer Office Relocations; Temporary Housing, Food, Transportation and Expense Tracking. • Administration of Secure Choice Illinois.

ASK HR PRO Master Platform Standup Training Modules.

Onsite Master level HR Professional training modules for employees or managers: schedule, coordinate, communicate, plan, execute, track and report.

  • Sexual Harassment & Diversity Training.
  • Manager Serv Safe Training and Certification, City of Chicago Sanitation Certifications, Liquor Liability Basset Certifications.
  • Performance Review Writing for Managers.
  • Behavioral Interviewing Training.
  • Communication Training.
  • Leadership Training.
  • Train the Trainer.
  • Union Avoidance Training.
  • Annual Safety Training.
  • Soft Skill, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution Training.
  • Wage and Hour, Employment Legal Liability Compliance Training.
  • FMLA, ADA, EEOC Compliance and Standards Training.
  • Employee Relations: Standards for Professional Work Relationships.
  • Performance Management Training; Steps of Progressive Discipline & Procedures.
  • OSHA Training.
  • Workplace Violence Training